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Computer Security

Learn how to calculate the security needs of computer and network systems.

Why Computer Security at Bay Path University?

Computer science is at the heart of information management, analytics, and decision support systems within and across virtually every industry. It is also at at the heart of all forms of automation taking place across the country and around the world. Computing has become more mobile, connected, fast and cost-effective in recent years, generating a surge in new and exciting career opportunities.

The Computer Security major is for students who are interested in the development of secure IT systems and infrastructure. Focusing the on the design, development, and implementation of secure network infrastructure; Computer Security majors will explore key concepts like encryption, software vulnerabilities, secure software and operating systems. Students are encouraged to select a wide range of electives from our related Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program.

Did you know? Some experts predict 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021, with cybercrime more than tripling job openings in the next five years.1