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Community Health Online

Bachelor of Science in Community Health

A bachelor's degree in community health includes courses in biology, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and epidemiology. Students also pursue coursework in public health topics such as health care policy, health program planning and consumer health. A bachelor’s program in community health may also require students to complete an internship in the field to earn the degree. After completing a bachelor’s degree in community health, students may pursue a graduate degree in public health.

Three of the required courses are experiential in nature including a 3-credit internship preparation and research course and 6 credits of fieldwork at a community agency site. This program has been designed to provide education training beyond the core competencies for community health workers as delineated in May 2014 by the Massachusetts Board of Certification of Community Health Workers (CHW). While also providing education beyond current needs to allow students to take leadership roles in their communities in the health-care sector.

The curriculum offers educational opportunities to master the competencies sought after in today’s labor market, such as critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, digital literacy, evaluation and analysis skills, and the ability to innovate.