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Community Health

Advance your career with a degree in Community Health- implement outreach strategies and make community assessments to bridge the communication gap between healthcare and your community.

Why Community Health at The American Women’s College?

This accelerated program in Community Health has a variety of options. If you're just beginning your career, you can enroll in this program to provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge in human health and disease. 

Your courses will teach you how to identify culturally appropriate health education, information, and outreach in community-based settings, such as homes, schools, clinics, shelters, local businesses, and community centers. And you will learn how to help people in a community enhance their health and fitness. In addition to courses that are specifically related to health, other classes taken in this degree will enhance your critical-thinking and communication skills.

The Community Health major provides skills to facilitate access to the healthcare service, collect data and/or provide direct services. You will develop the strategies and skills necessary to advocate and educate individuals and community members about behaviors that promote wellness. 

Complete TAWC Admissions Process by July 13, 2022

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