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Communications - Online

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Study communications at Bay Path University and master skills in written, oral, visual, and digital communication to thrive in professional contexts.

As a student of communications at Bay Path you will develop critical communication skills that transfer across a variety of professions: public relations, government, business, advertising, industrial firms, hospitals, media outlets, schools and other organizations.

Studying communications is not just about learning to get your message across effectively to diverse audiences. It’s also about becoming a critical thinker, a creative problem solver, a strategist, and a collaborator—skills that employers consistently cite as crucial qualifications. By becoming a communications professional you will gain practical and theoretical knowledge in leveraging new media, communication technologies, and relational strategies to succeed in an ever-changing contemporary workplace.

Bay Path communications students will:

  • Use emerging media, technology, and social communication for their chosen career path.
  • Create digital content, and understand the implications of emerging technologies on practices of communication.
  • Engage in hands-on learning experience from practicing professionals, communications scholars, and business leaders.
  • Understand how people use messages to generate meaning within and across all kinds of contexts, cultures, channels, and media.
  • Learn to use communication and new media skills as a strategic leadership tool.

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