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Business Analytics Online

Bachelor of Science in Business

At The American Women's College, the Business Analytics program teaches students how to analyze and present data so that mangers and leaders can make more effective business and organizational decisions. Students analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources, develop decision support models using the data, and create strategies that will help managers be more successful at meeting their goals.

Business and organizational leaders have so much data and information available to them that it is often hard to figure out what to do. The ability to effectively mine the data, develop decision support models, and quickly develop successful strategies can mean the difference between success and failure. The major and certificate in Business Analytics combine business principles and computer software applications to track, visualize, and evaluate business data.

Building off a strong core curriculum designed to prepare students with an understanding of business purposes, structures and processes, this major will prepare the student with further capabilities to perform in-depth analysis of data and systems. The Business Analytics curriculum is designed to help identify reasons for current business trends that will be important to the success of the business and to cultivate presentation skills to help influence decision makers.