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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MS in Learning, Design, & Technology will develop the ability to:

  • Describe breakthroughs in science and technology that are driving disruptive trends in learning, design, technology and analytics in Higher Education.
  • Develop a foundational grasp of learning theory design, technology and analytics.
  • Evaluate best practices in learning design, technology and analytics.
  • Design solutions for real life learning challenges leveraging best practices in learning design, technology and analytics.
  • Demonstrate fluency with the theory and practice of interdisciplinary design and innovation.
  • Analyze data to improve learning in the classroom, at the program level, and across the institutional dashboard.
  • Apply analytical methods, critical thinking and a systematic approach to a wide range of learning challenges in higher education
  • Act as change agents in higher education employing learning design, technology and analytics to improve learning processes.