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Enrollment Management Concentration

"Bay Path’s MHE program and, in particular, the Ruffalo Noel Levitz certificate prepared me for success by…providing me real-world, applicable knowledge to go into a situation, look at it critically and objectively, and then form a comprehensive plan to build on opportunities and address weaknesses.” -Michael D. Black, G'18

The Enrollment Management concentration in the MS in Higher Education Administration is a 12 course (36 credit) program. Designed for students interested in careers in college admissions, financial aid, and enrollment marketing. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of student recruitment, changing demographics, the dynamic between admissions and financial aid, federal aid policy, and the marketing of colleges and universities to prospective students and families.

Core Courses (8 courses): MHE 500, MHE 620 , MHE 627, MHE 635, MHE 640, MHE 645, MHE 650, MHE 670

Electives (choose 4 courses): Students can select from a wide number of approved graduate electives, and can check with their advisor for help selecting electives from the Higher Education Administration, Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy, Communications & Information Management, or MBA programs that interest them.

This degree can be done alone, or combine it with the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Certificate in Enrollment Management Program at no extra cost! 

Curriculum & Schedules

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