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Student Learning Outcomes

Our Mission
The Bay Path University Genetic Counseling Program trains a diverse adult student body in genetics and genomics, counseling, and research to become competent, compassionate, culturally sensitive genetic counselors. Our goal is to prepare graduates for varied roles in the genetic counseling workforce who will advocate for their patients, maintain the highest quality and ethical standards, effectively work in interdisciplinary teams, contribute to research, and strive for advancement of and leadership in the genetic counseling profession.

Our Vision - Bay Path University strives to:

  • Empower genetic counseling students to take ownership of their learning by engaging them in an accessible personalized learning experience.
  • Utilize technology and innovative teaching strategies to provide genetic counseling students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be lifelong learners.
  • Educate genetic counseling students to be prepared and able to adapt to new research, tests, challenges and opportunities.

Graduates of the MS in Genetic Counseling are expected to:

  • Develop and hone clinical, research and communication skills for use in hospital-based settings, as outlined in the Practice-Based Competency list required by the Board
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of genetic counseling and how the student’s own contributions fit into that tradition while continuing to expand the boundaries of the genetic counseling field through utilizing technological advances
  • Recognize the ethical dilemmas facing patients, families and clinicians that routinely occur in the genetics/genomics arena
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to effectively perform in the online classroom setting