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Student Stories

Current students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"The MBA program has been a great way to improve myself while still allowing me to focus on my career. It was great to find out that the Program Director, Mo Sattar, came from my employer to join Bay Path. This gave me confidence that the program was tailored for working professionals."
Gianfranco Barbato, G'16 | Watch his Story

"Living in a rural Maine there is a struggle to find and/or reach out to learn from other professionals. My classmates in this program have become not only my teammates in group projects, but my support system for new ideas and push to become a better leader."
Ruby Bean, G'16

"The people in the program are very supportive; From the professors to your classmates everybody wants to see you succeed. My favorite class in the program was marketing. It opened a whole new set of doors that I didn’t even know existed in business."
Kara Gaskall, G'16