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Management Concentration

This concentration is designed for individuals who want to expand their knowledge beyond the core courses in management. Students can customize their education by choosing three electives in any of Bay Path’s management-related graduate programs. This allows our students to specialize in their area of interest and provides them with a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce.

Cybersecurity Concentration

The Cybersecurity concentration is designed for prospective students who want to expand their expertise in cyber threats. Students enrolled in this program will be immersed in a curriculum focused on cybersecurity issues in business planning, effective risk management programs, addressing emerging cyber threats, and defenses from a global perspective.

Data Analytics Concentration

Our concentration in Data Analytics is designed for individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding of data analysis. Students will become experts in this field through the analysis of real-world data. This curriculum includes exploratory data analysis—organizing, displaying, and describing data, summarizing data, discrete and continuous distributions, data sampling, hypothesis testing, and regression analyses.

Finance Concentration

This concentration is ideal for professionals who work for large organizations and are interested in expanding their knowledge beyond finance-related core courses. Students will delve deeper into investments, portfolio management, and applied corporate finance. Graduates from this program will achieve financial acumen and the analytical skills required for making strategic corporate investment decisions.

Healthcare Management Concentration

The Healthcare Management concentration is designed for individuals who are currently working in healthcare management or are planning to pursue a career in the field. This concentration provides students with a solid foundation of business knowledge and further focus on issues specific to healthcare management, including: six sigma lean methodology, excellence in service, and change and project management integration. Students graduate with specific knowledge and skills that will aid them in advancing in a non-clinical role in healthcare

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