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Q & A with Robin Saunders

Program Director Robin Saunders, MS, Program Director Robin Saunders brings to teaching her passion for technology and a multifaceted background in media, digital technology, cybersecurity and business. Her experiences prior to Bay Path include directing academic programs and establishing several global enterprises. She is a nationally recognized expert on cyber security and healthcare, artificial intelligence, and the impact of converging technologies. Outside Bay Path, Saunders directs her boundless energy to water skiing, competing in Ironman 70.3 triathlons, and creating innovative products and the website, which aims to keep Baby Boomers secure in cyberspace.

What do you love about Communications & Information Management?

It’s as multifaceted as my background! CIM combines business operations with cutting-edge communications, allowing students from the business world, finance world, or entrepreneurial world to understand and manage all areas of a corporation, from public relations to finance, information management, and cybersecurity. Teaching in the program is magical. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone complete a goal that they have set for themselves. I am always inspired by my students.

What’s the value of a degree in Communications & Information Management?

The digital age has opened the floodgates to a vast ocean of data, connectivity, and instant information flowing at every touch of a device. CIM is the perfect graduate program for this digital age. Instead of educating students for jobs that are going to disappear in the rising tide of technology, CIM gives students ownership of their futures by educating them in holistic systems thinking -- the ability to make connections between functional areas of business. Graduates are prepared to manage the systems and personnel required to create business success.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 6% job growth for top executives through 2028 and cites more than $104,980 in average annual wages for general and operations managers.

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Communications & Information Management?

  • For our up-to-date courses: Bay Path continually incorporates into its curriculum all the current trends in technology and business management, from data analytics, to emerging media, artificial intelligence, and high-tech platforms.
  • For our faculty: They are all seasoned professionals who work in the areas they teach.
  • For our online curriculum: We use animation, video conferencing, podcasts, videos and other technologies that build learning communities and make content engaging and accessible to any learning style.
  • For our program flexibility: We have 4 elective courses to meet each student’s interests and 7 core courses common to Communication, Information Management, and Communication & Information Management that make it easy for students to shift among the three degrees.