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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the interdisciplinary MS in Communications and Information Management program will be expected to demonstrate achievement in all areas of the program. In particular, graduates will develop the ability to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to articulate, assess, and apply appropriate theories and principles of information and communications;
  • Demonstrate presentation proficiency for written, oral, and visual communications;
  • Articulate and demonstrate an understanding of communication, information and decision theories and practices as they relate to managerial decision-making and the establishment of a sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging market/industry forces; organizational, human and knowledge resources; core competencies; and value adding activities;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying principles and evaluation methods for analyzing information for financial decision-making, investing, capital budgeting, and forecasting;
  • Articulate and demonstrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the CIM degree as it applies to incremental and disruptive innovation;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate research methods used to collect and analyze data for decision making and communications;
  • Articulate and demonstrate an understanding of cultural and global perspectives as they apply to modern business, the management of information, and communications;
  • Articulate and evaluate appropriate legal and ethical standards pertaining to business, communications and the management of information.