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Thesis Projects

Independent research projects chosen by the graduates of the MS in Applied Laboratory Science & Operations program. Projects are overseen by a faculty mentor and include the drafting and defending of a research thesis.

Nicole Cronin G'19

Effects of Melatonin on Oxidative Stress Caused by Hydrogen Peroxide in Yeast
Using yeast as a model organism to test the protective effects of melatonin on different mutant strains with susceptibility to DNA damage.


Stephanie Horton G'19

Measuring Potentially Cytotoxic Compounds in Local Soils
Extracts of various local soil samples were tested for the presence of heavy metals and for their effects on the health of growing cells.


Katherine Morales G'19

Exploring the Estrogenicity of Butylparaben Using an Estradiol-dependent Gene System in Yeast
A proof-of-principle study to determine the feasibility of using a genetic screen to measure estrogenic endocrine disrupting compounds.

Tamara Wong G'19

The Introduction of Extracellular Lipids from Personal Care Products into Buccal Samples and Their Effects on the Recovery of DNA by Magnetic Bead Isolation
Different techniques were used on lipid-contaminated biological samples to determine the optimal protocol for DNA extraction

Natalya Sosnina G'18

Sea Urchin Development in the Presence of Parabens
Researching the effects of common environmental pollutants on embryonic development. 


Chloe Kumpel G'18

The Effects of Household Cleaning Products on a-amylase Activity and the Resulting Degradation of DNA Profiles
Researching the effects of household cleaners on forensic analysis of DNA extracted from saliva residue.

Cassandra Rivest G'18

An Alternative Use of AN-PEP as a Therapeutic Agent in Combating Gluten Related Disorders and the Limitations Surrounding Novel Therapies for the Various Gluten Intolerances
Researching the use of enzymes from mold to break down gluten prior to eliciting a response in those who are gluten-intolerant. 

Victoria Bankes G'18

Are Yeast Homologous Essential for Potential Cervical Cancer Treatments?
Exploring the feasibility of genetic targets to make cancer cells more susceptible to chemotherapy.


Rea Farjo G'18

Walnut Leaf Extract as a Potential Antimicrobial for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Researching the use of naturally derived walnut leaf extracts as potent antibiotics.