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Q & A with Dr. Ning Jia

Program Director Dr. Ning Jia, PhD, brings to Bay Path not only teaching experience at the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech, and Harvard University, but also years of experience in statistician and actuarial roles at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, The Hartford Financial Services Group, and Affinion Group. In these diverse settings, Dr. Jia used her training in finance and mathematics to develop and apply advanced statistical methods and mathematical models to “big data.” Beyond managing and analyzing data, Dr. Jia is an expert at interpreting and communicating its meaning to enable decision-making and innovative business applications.

What do you love about Applied Data Science?

The problems data scientists solve are exciting, challenging, and central to all major strategies and decisions in businesses large and small!

What’s the value of a Master of Science in Applied Data Science?
There is a huge demand for data scientists and advanced analysts in all industries, including insurance, finance, e-commerce, and biotech, as well as opportunities to work from home. In 2017, an IBM study reported in Forbes showed:

  • 28% U.S. job growth (to 2,720,000 listings) by 2020
  • Starting salaries over $80,000; Advanced salaries over $100,000

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Applied Data Science?

  • For our curriculum, which is very technical and comprehensive compared to most. The classes were developed for this program, not borrowed from other departments; they provide just the right emphasis and breadth for the field and follow the right sequence for learning.
  • For our mode of teaching, which involves online videos for every class, and provides personal attention and interaction through frequent live chats, online discussions, and emails.
  • For our strong faculty, who have decades of varied and deep industry expertise and academic experience.
  • For our diverse and savvy students. They come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and industries across the country, but they all desire a serious program that will teach the skills, statistics software, and programming languages needed by data analysts and data scientists in the market.
  • For our state and national recognition. Bay Path’s program has been recognized by as the best master’s in data science in the state of Massachusetts. It was ranked 12th of the top 50 data science programs nationwide by