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Zachary Bitzer, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

PhD, The Pennsylvania State University; BS, Ursinus College

Dr. Bitzer obtained his PhD in Food Science from the Pennsylvania State University where his focus was on the use of phytochemicals to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in ulcerative colitis and colon cancer models. He currently investigates oxidant and free radical generation from tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. His primary focus has been on the effects of flavors, solvents, and product design on free radical production from electronic cigarettes using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR). Dr. Bitzer also routinely develops specialized instrumentation for reliably measuring toxicants from tobacco and electronic cigarettes and exposure studies in animals. His overall goal is to identify design parameters and components in electronic cigarettes that contribute to toxicant production to further inform the public and FDA on the harms associated with these products.