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Robert Hoffman, MD

Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences

BS, Union College; MD, Albany Medical College

Teaching has always been a passion for Dr. Hoffman, both in the classroom and the clinic.

For the past several years, Dr. Hoffman has served as Chief of Infectious Diseases, Division of Internal Medicine at Mercy Medical Center. In addition to operating a private medical practice, Dr. Hoffman was the Medical Director and a founding partner for Protocare, one of the first high tech home care companies in the world. During this time, Dr. Hoffman helped develop many of the techniques and protocols still in use for the delivery of sophisticated medical care outside the hospital setting.

Dr. Hoffman has also served as Chairman of Infection Control at Mercy Medical Center, Noble Hospital, and The Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Massachusetts. He is credited in part for the recognition Mercy Medical Center was given by the State of Massachusetts for its low rate of hospital-acquired infections.

Dr. Hoffman has authored numerous papers investigating antibiotic and antiviral drug development, outpatient antibiotic treatment, and the care of patients with HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Hoffman earned his M.D. from Albany Medical College (NY). Dr. Hoffman is a renowned presenter and has published numerous papers.