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Darrell McSwain Jr., MA, LMHC

Adjunct Professor

MA, American International College, Psychology
BA and BS, Westfield State University, Criminal Justice and Corrections; Psychology

I began my career in Psychology as an intern for the Hampden County Sheriff's Department in western Massachusetts. At the time, I was a Forensic Counselor working towards my Bachelor's degree at Westfield State University.

Working with those suffering from acute mental health symptoms helped develop my passion for the field and led to my enrollment at American International College (AIC) in the Master's program with an Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) licensing track.

During my tenure at AIC, I began working full-time with Hillcrest Educational Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts as a Youth Development Counselor. Having the experience of working in a residential facility broadened my scope as I began the practicum phase of my educational endeavors.

I decided to leave the residential setting when I was allowed to both intern and work for Community Services Institute in Springfield, Massachusetts as a Therapeutic Mentor & Outreach Psychotherapist intern. It was at Community Services Institute that I found my scope beginning to narrow in on outreach work.

It was not until my outreach clients began getting incarcerated that I decided to explore Correctional work once again and was given the great opportunity to serve as a Forensic Clinician for the Sheriff's Department. Currently, I hold a full-time position with Community Services Institute as a Master's Level Outreach Psychotherapist and Trainer for their CBHI Therapeutic Mentoring department.

As I began working on the administrative side of Mental Health, I found that I also had a passion to teach and train those in the field with the most updated information available, in conjunction with the priceless professional experiences I had received through my many years and various job titles in Psychology.

I have now been given the wonderful opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge of Psychology here at Bay Path University in the Psychology department! It was throughout all of my experiences that I was afforded the opportunities to accomplish many of my professional and personal goals. Being given the chance to attend trainings in areas such as Neurofeedback, Suicide Prevention, and DBT to name a few, has strengthened my work as a Psychotherapist and Educator alike.

I was once told by a client that "for us clients who you go to see every week, it's more about the balance you bring to us from what life has thrown at you and what you read. No client really wants only book knowledge or only experience. You have to be well-rounded to really get through." 

This profound statement by my client has helped to motivate me to grow in all areas of my life and give back to those who are there to learn!