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The Path Forward

Academic Plans

image the reads The Path Forward Bay Path University's Spring 2021 Opening Plan

Online. In Person. Hybrid. The format of how learning will be delivered may vary, but our commitment to academic excellence will remain. Ever mindful of ensuring the overall health and safety of our entire community, we will continue to provide those elements that make a Bay Path education distinctive: student support, peer tutoring, faculty mentoring, and academic advising. Your academic success is at the heart of all we do.

As faculty-student interactions are also key in forming a vibrant classroom experience, instructional technology experts and resources will be available to make sure online courses are robust and engaging. When done well, online learning can focus not just on lectures, but on critical thinking, decision making, and group problem-solving.

And if COVID-19 should evolve to require changes in The Path Forward plan, Bay Path is firmly positioned to react and adapt our learning delivery to students. Since 2013, Bay Path has been at the leading edge of providing online learning that is flexible and adaptable, while offering wraparound student support. We are ready.

Quick Facts

> The spring traditional undergraduate semester will follow the normal schedule and classes will begin January 19, 2021.
> With the exception of some science labs and core courses for first-year students, which will be delivered in an on-ground/hybrid model, most courses will be held totally online.
> Academic calendars are available here