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English Version

Hi! My name is Vana Nespor. My friends call me Vana. I hope you will, too. I helped create a unique college degree format for adult women that eventually became known as The American Women’s College at Bay Path University. Over the years, it has nurtured and supported thousands of women as they earned a college degree. Our president Dr. Carol Leary wrote a book that lays out how these women made that happen called Achieving The Dream: A How to Guide for Adult Women Seeking A College Degree.

As a tribute to Dr. Leary and to the strength and achievement of our women, we chose to capture a few essential ideas from our favorite eight chapters in the book. If one of these chapters captures your interest or could help someone in your life or community, please share it, and do check out the entire book in English, Russian, and Spanish available on this website. Our students volunteered to help us capture these ideas in their first languages so that we could honor and support their communities by including them here.

I hope you take a moment to listen and share these ideas with women you love to help them on their journey.

Downloadable Written Chapters

Chapter 4: The Journey Taking the First Steps Chapter 5: Challenges & Obstacles Chapter 6: Choosing a Career Path & Major Chapter 7: Finding the Right College
Chapter 8: The Application Process Chapter 9: The Financial Aid Process Chapter 21: Getting the Most Out of Your College Experience Chapter 23: On Being a Woman of Influence

Bay Path University teaches and conducts all its education and business in English. We offer versions in other languages of President Leary's book to honor women who cherish their heritage and culture and who value a college education for themselves and their daughters, sisters, and friends. We hope that hearing or reading the ideas in this book in the listener's first language will make the book more appropriate and accessible to them.