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Caroline's Story

Caroline is a graduate student in the MS in Higher Education Administration program. She currently works at Elms College in their financial aid department. She aspires to work in student life so that she can help create memorable experiences for college students. Her hobbies include running, pencil sketching, and learning how to play and sing new songs with her ukulele.

“I grew up in a fairly small town where most people knew everyone. In fact, they knew a little too much about everybody's business. As a student, I went through the public school system, and my high school experience really had an impact on my life. I didn't really participate in a lot of things. I didn't figure out what I liked until I was a senior. By then I realized I wasn't an athlete and I wasn't into the social scene. Eventually, I kind of found my little niche in marching band. It took me a while to find my niche because I felt so insecure about not knowing who I was. I spent most of my time feeling pretty anxious. Unfortunately, that anxiety snowballed and developed into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is something I don't mind sharing. I'm never shy to talk about my OCD, in fact, I'm really verbal about it.

I want to share that it’s okay to seek help because for the longest time I was super resistant about going to a therapist or talking to anyone about what was wrong with me. It was a huge relief when my therapist actually confirmed it was OCD, and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. Being in an inclusive environment like Bay Path has really helped my OCD. My freshman year at another college was not so great, so I transferred to Bay Path. It has been here that I invested myself in acting, made new and supportive friends, and learned making people laugh is my favorite thing in the entire world. These discoveries have helped me manage my OCD and build my confidence.

When I think of diversity and inclusion, I think of how everyone has a story to tell and it’s important to celebrate those stories. I have met some of the most brilliant, wonderful, kind, empathetic women here at Bay Path. I view their stories and experiences as incomparable to anything else. With this supportive network, I feel encouraged by my story. There's always something positive that comes from something unfortunate. I know there are situations in the world that this may not apply to, but as I have grown as a person, student, and professional, I have to believe that there's always good that you can look for. As much as you think it doesn't exist in yourself, I know that it does.”