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Diversity Dashboards

When planning for the future of diversity and inclusion on Bay Path’s campus, it is important to acknowledge the past and present status of the Bay Path community. As time goes by, the demographics of higher education continue to shift- when Bay Path was first founded in 1897, the student body looked much different than it does today. So much has changed since then as both our national and global societies have continued to develop over time. With the world of higher education constantly evolving, information about Bay Path’s history seems to be invaluable. Statistics on demographics, diversity, and campus climate have been essential in constructing realistic goals and timelines for achieving a more integrated campus community.

The process of becoming a more integrated, accepting community is a collective effort."

Our commitments to promoting diversity and inclusion, and to transparency throughout the process are deeply rooted and sincere.

Therefore, we feel that the members of the Bay Path community should be aware of the University’s progress, which is why we are pleased to share information about the University’s history with the public. We have included data collected over a wide span of time which provides comprehensive information about diversity and inclusion at Bay Path University. This data is fundamental for marking the progress made on the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, and for keeping the campus community informed.

The Diversity Dashboards presented below are offered for the community’s convenience:

Six-year Graduation Rate 
(2010 Cohort)

Bay Path University 2010 Cohort Six-Year Graduation Rate Graph










Composition Dashboard
(Fall 2017)

 Composition Dashboard Fall 2017


Composition Dashboard Faculty and Staff Fall 2017








Enrollment Data

Enrollment Data Fall 2017