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Why Bay Path

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David McCurry
David McCurry G'08 MS in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy

After searching for nearly three years for a formalized education pertinent to the nonprofit sector, I found Bay Path College’s Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy (NMP) Program to complement my career experience. Bay Path provided everything I sought in an online, nonprofit graduate program—courses relevant to fundraising as well as my current position as senior director of development at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.

Since I live in California—3,000 miles from Bay Path—the online program definitely worked well for me. Throughout my NMP studies, my knowledge was strengthened in nonprofit leadership, volunteer management, and philanthropy, and various projects were immediately applicable to my supervision of Westmont’s annual fund and major gifts programs. The courses were rigorous and rich in content, and the ongoing discussion forums provided numerous opportunities to interact and learn from my peers and faculty members, who bring a wealth of nonprofit experience to the online community. They expect a lot from their students, but also give a lot of themselves.

My Bay Path graduate degree has increased my credibility with donors and peers alike, and my education has prepared me well for my future endeavors in the non-profit sector, be it fund development for a higher education institution, working for an international relief organization, or providing non-profit consultations. The nonprofit management program was more rewarding than I dreamed possible, and the college has provided me with a wonderful learning opportunity that has enriched my life.

Evan Stuart G'09
Evan Stuart G'09 Master of Occupational Therapy After completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I worked in a variety of behavioral and medical fields while I contemplated graduate school. As a job coach working with developmentally disabled and physically challenged adults and teens, I saw firsthand the impact occupational therapists have on individuals with physical and mental impairments, and I was intrigued. I explored Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) programs and the options available to me, and I found Bay Path College. The accelerated program and small class sizes appealed to me, but it was my visits to Bay Path and my interactions with faculty, staff, and students that led me to apply and enroll in the MOT program.

From the moment I stepped on campus, I had a feeling that I would be learning with family instead of fellow students, and this sentiment became a reality. We supported each other in our educational endeavors, and we were encouraged on a regular basis by MOT faculty, who are amazing people with interesting and vibrant personalities. They engage you in lectures and discussions, and guide you in achieving your goals. They also motivated me to pursue leadership opportunities within the Student Occupational Therapy Association, where I served as president and oversaw such activities as wellness fairs, backpack awareness, and Bay Path’s annual OT conference. The MOT professors have been the highlight of my Bay Path experience, and never in my college career have I had professors as committed to my success as I had at Bay Path.

The MOT program at Bay Path College taught me more than I anticipated. Due to the large number of labs and hands-on activities as well as fieldwork appointments, I advanced my professional skills far beyond my expectations. My personal goals were altered dramatically by my experiences at Bay Path as well. I enrolled in the MOT program with the goal of working in a stroke and brain injury rehabilitation clinic, but when my eyes were opened to the joy of working in the pediatric field, my career plans shifted. I never considered working in a school system before, and now I couldn't be more excited about it. I am confident as I embark on the next phase of my career—teaching fundamental skills to children and teens with developmental and physical disabilities, giving them an opportunity to grow and prosper.

Valerie Thompson G'10
Valerie Thompson, G'10 MS in Higher Education Administration

In my search for the perfect graduate program I found Bay Path College’s Master of Science in Higher Education Administration (HEA). It was the most feasible program for me—online, affordable and flexible. With the acceptance of several transfer credits, the program took only a year and a half for me to complete. Throughout my professional life I have always taken action to advance my career, and the HEA was the next reasonable step.

The online program was comfortable, the discussion process with classmates and faculty was remarkably smooth, and their feedback was incredible. The HEA faculty are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they bring strong experiences in higher education to each and every one of their classes. The classes have enhanced my skills in leadership, economics, and management.

For more than a decade, I worked in a higher education institution teaching community programs as well as courses in nutrition. To build my knowledge in financial management, I shifted careers and focused on my accounting skills. I just recently returned to a higher education setting—Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, NH, where I manage grant funds for the institution’s ‘Let No Woman Be Overlooked’ Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, which provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings to New Hampshire women who meet certain requirements. In my current role, I can apply my past experiences as well as related the knowledge I gained from the HEA graduate program in order to grow in my career.

Cara Gardner
Cara Gardner MS in Communications and Information Management

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