Advantages of a Women's College

Why attend a women's college?

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Bay Path is committed to remaining a women’s college because it believes strongly that a women’s college education provides opportunities and experiences that foster confidence, creativity and collaboration. 

For generations, women were limited in their options of pursuing a college education. Women’s colleges were founded largely on the belief that women should have access to higher education equally with men, and, in doing so, women would become valued and active participants on many levels (international to community) and in many fields (science, education, politics, and the arts). 

Today, more than ever, that imperative still holds true. In fact, with our increasingly complex and global world, the success of Bay Path (and other women’s colleges) in the areas of science, technology, and focused disciplines is emphatic and undeniable. At Bay Path, the personal attention, the focus on academics, and the development of the whole person are qualities that are not only timeless…they provide value that stands the test of time.

Studies have found that women who attend women’s colleges*: 

  • Participate more fully in and out of class. 
  • Are more successful in careers; that is, they tend to hold higher positions, are happier, and earn more money. 
  • Constitute more than 20% of women in Congress, and 30% of a Business Week list of rising women stars in
  • Corporate America, yet only represent 2% of all female college graduates. 
  • Have a higher percentage of majors in economics, math and life science today than women at coeducational colleges. 
  • Have more opportunities to hold leadership positions and are able to observe women functioning in top jobs (90% of the presidents and 55% of the faculty are women). 
  • Report greater satisfaction than their coed counterparts with their college experience in almost all measures - academically, developmentally, and personally. 
  • Continue toward doctorates in math, science and engineering in disproportionately large numbers. 
  • Are three times more likely to earn a baccalaureate degree in economics and one and one-half times more likely to earn baccalaureates degrees in life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics than at a coeducational institution. 
  • Score higher on standardized achievement tests. 
  • Tend to choose traditionally male disciplines, like the sciences, as their academic majors, in greater numbers. 
Women's College Coalition MemberBay Path is one of a group of colleges committed to educating women. To learn more about the advantages of attending a women's college visit The Women's College Coalition* web site.

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