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Bay Path Hosts: Eureka! Girls Inc. for Summer STEM Experience

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In July, two groups of 15 exuberant young women from Girls Inc. of Holyoke were welcomed to the Longmeadow campus by Dr. Yadilette Rivera-Colón, assistant professor of biology, as part of the Eureka! Girls Inc. program.

Eureka! is a year-round, nationwide five-year STEM-based program that provides 8th – 12th grade girls the chance to discover and explore STEM career opportunities, and be introduced to the process of selecting and applying to a college or university. At Bay Path, our Girls
Inc. guests participated in a “Balloon Car Racing” project where they designed, built, and raced their own lightweight “gas-powered” vehicles. Of course, they also had the Bay Path Grand Tour with a special lunch in the Blake Dining Commons. Our grade from the Girls Inc. students: A+!