Session Four

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2:35 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.

Wrangling the Lengthy Writing Project

Dana SawyerDana Sawyer, professor of philosophy and religion at the Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland, Maine, has just published Huston Smith, Wisdomkeeper (Fons Vitae Press, 2014), the authorized biography of Huston Smith, the most renowned authority on World Religions and comparative religion for the past half century. Professor Sawyer previously wrote a critically acclaimed biography of Aldous Huxley (Crossroad Publishing, 2002), and in this new book tells the story of Huxley’s friend and student, Huston Smith, focusing on their mutual investigations into mystical experience and the roots of human spirituality. Professor Sawyer has taught at MECA full-time for 26 years and is a native of Maine, born in Jonesport, in 1951. 

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Self Care Yoga® and Creative Connection for Writers

Kate ForestKate Forest, RYT is the creator of Self Care Yoga®, a mindful living teacher, and Self Care coach. She is a contributing author to Yoga in America: Stories from Some of Americas Most Ardent Yoga Teachers, and is working on her first full length book Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living: Care for and Connect with Yourself, Others, and Our World

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