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Deepwood Hall located on the Bay Path College Campus
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Bay Path is now a University. One more evolutionary step in our 117-year history.

Today marks our first day as Bay Path University - the first women's university in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have an amazing future ahead of us. Our three campuses have been expanded by a location in downtown Springfield (bringing us back to our roots) that boasts the first online college in the country exclusively for women. Soon, we will have a new location in East Longmeadow with a 57,000 square foot building to house our health sciences. If you add the athletic fields and our online communities, we certainly are a very different educational institution form Bay Path Institute founded in 1897. And this is just the beginning!

Innovative programs, exciting technology, new facilities, and bold dreams for the future are woven together, providing the strength and confidence to look ahead. Yet, it is the people who really comprise this University. You are its heart and soul - you are now part of its history.

Celebrate Bay Path With Us!
Since 1897, Bay Path has been preparing students for success in a constantly changing world. We proudly mark the next chapter in our history with a video that celebrates the best of Bay Path.

About the logo

Bay Path University Logo

Bay Path is proud to unveil its new logo. It's our identity and first impression, and it's our hope that it is a lasting one.The monogram on the left-hand side symbolically represents Bay Path and our history. The name Bay Path is bigger and bolder reflecting our vision for the future. The typeface for "University" is the font from our previous logo, acknowledging our continued dedication to our mission and all that makes Bay Path great. All the elements and typefaces combine to be a unified statement of Bay Path's evolution.