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Deepwood Hall located on the Bay Path College Campus
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Professor John Jarvis releases new book: Johnny Pail Face Becomes a Human Being.

Longmeadow, MA –Bay Path College professor and author John Jarvis recently celebrated the release of his new book, Johnny Pail Face Becomes a Human Being, at the Longmeadow campus. Professor Jarvis read from the book and signed copies. If you missed the event you can watch it here

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will fund the Hicks/Jarvis-Smith Scholarship at Bay Path College to help needy women move their lives forward through education.

A biography that spans almost a century, the book is the story of 97-year-old Johnny Pail Face. A Native American born on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, his life’s journey began in the Old West and led him to soldier in three wars and to not one but two brushes with genocide in a single lifetime. In the first, his Native American people were the victims. In the second, he fought with gun and bayonet alongside fellow G.I.s against Hitler’s war machine and came out the victor. The first genocide left him crazy with anger, and the second crazy with despair. It took him two more wars to work things out. Through it all, he struggled against the demons of depression and alcoholism to ultimately find the best pieces of what it means to be a human being within himself and to make peace with a troubled world.

Based on in-depth interviews and weaving in the oral tradition of Native American storytelling, Johnny Pail Face Becomes a Human Being was written over the span of several years. According to Jarvis, “This book records the life of a remarkable human being. It is a roadmap for how to overcome and persevere that speaks to Native and non-Native American readers. It’s been more than a privilege…it has been an honor to capture Johnny’s story so that it will not become lost to a nation that often forgets some of the best parts of its own past as it rushes toward the future.”

Published by Levellers Press in Amherst, Massachusetts, Johnny Pail Face Becomes a Human Being (ISBN 978-1-937146-45-0) is available for purchase at or at the event.

About the Author
Dr. John JarvisProfessor John Jarvis teaches English and Native Cultural Studies at Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Born among Sacajawea’s Lemhi Shoshone people in southern Idaho, he was raised on the Nez Perce Indian reservation in north central Idaho. He draws upon his youth and coming-of-age experiences with America’s Native past in both his writings and teachings.