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An Awesome Career Shadow Experience

Yardley Mellon '17 and Eric LesserYardley Mellon is a student with a dream. She would like to one day attend the Harvard School of Law. Yardley, class of ’17, is a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Spanish. She registered for the CAREER SHADOW PROGRAM at the Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center and was presented with the opportunity to meet with Eric Lesser, a current student at Harvard Law School and Academic Adviser to undergraduates. As if that was not enough, he was also Logistics Coordinator for President Obama’s campaign and then Special Assistant to David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President. He was also the Director of Strategic Planning for the Council of Economic Advisers. After touring the school and learning about Lesser’s path, Yardley realized that her dream could turn into reality. Over the course of the meeting, Yardley learned strategies for studying for the LSAT, ways to make herself more marketable, and ideas about how she can work toward her goals now. With this advice, she plans to volunteer at free clinics, start a sexual assault awareness program at her work, and take advantage of any opportunity that will give her more experience in the field. Her career shadow experience reaffirmed her decision to apply to law school, but also provided her with a supportive, valuable networking connection. When asked for her advice to other students, Yardley says, “If you have the desire in your heart, keep seeking, and you will find answers.” She also advises students pursuing career shadow opportunities to maintain a professional image and to pay attention to the details to make sure the career shadow process runs smoothly.

From our Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center "The Network" newsletter