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Miss Bay Path Offers a New Spin on the Pageant

Lorraine Switzer ‘16Lorraine Switzer ‘16 hopes that in her new title, Miss Bay Path, she not only brought her chosen art form of poetry to the competition, but also some humor. “And a determination to win!” she said with a smile. 

Explaining the festivities that took place the night before, where she was regaled with a sash and crown to be worn at will throughout her reign of one year, she said that this is no ordinary competition. “Miss Bay Path is a mock beauty pageant. As an all-women’s college we strive to empower women. This really is all about putting ourselves out there for fun.”

Cat Mullin ’14 is the Bay Path organizer of this year’s event. She said the first pageant took place several years ago, organized by Marianne Walker (née Owens). Since those early years, it has grown into a campus-wide event that has become one of the largest fundraisers for the senior class. “But more importantly,” she said, “this event celebrates our students on a more personal level. The judges and the audience love seeing our students—those both new to the spotlight and the leaders on campus—acting silly. It is a great event!”

In addition to Switzer’s tiara time in the spotlight, runners up for this year were Savannah Reardon ‘14, Edna Aboagye ‘16, and Brooke Martineau ‘17. Congratulations to all those who made this a memorable night.