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Civility at Work – With Colleagues and Customers

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The last year has seen a significant rise in workplace incivility. According to a recent article from McKinsey & Co., 62% of those surveyed in a 2016 poll said they had been treated rudely at least once per month in the workplace. Compare that to around 50%, 20 years ago.

This webinar explores how to become more attuned to others and how to address a lack of civility with understanding, perspective and grace. Often a lack of civility comes from misunderstanding those who have dissimilar beliefs, behavior or life experience. This candid discussion will provide attendees with ideas and techniques to spread civility to cope with this increasing challenge within the workplace and beyond.

Hosted by Dr. Stephen Brand, Bay Path University


  • Dr. Cate Sommervold – Director of the Doctorate of Education program, Doane University
  • Lisa Lipkin – Story Strategies
  • Matt Lehrman - Audience Avenue