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Meghan Golden ’12 

Coordinator for Annual Giving & Recent Alumni Programs 

PH: 413-565-1776 


GOLD Society

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Bay Path's "Faces of Philanthropy" event featured many of our GOLD Society donors, donning yellow masks for the evening. Click on the video below for photos from our event!

The GOLD Society is an exclusive giving society that provides Bay Path’s young alumni with the opportunity to be recognized as leadership donors. GOLD Society members are a BIG DEAL. They set the standard for giving among their peers. As a member of the GOLD Society, you will inspire other Graduates of the Last Decade to give back to Bay Path.

Our support makes the entire Bay Path experience a reality. Our gifts take today’s students to China and London. Enable them to meet world leaders and pop culture icons. Invite them to a tree-trimming with President Leary. Our gifts keep them here. 

It has never been easier for us to make a difference. Now, we can impact the lives of more students with a gift that’s easier to budget and easier on our wallets by scheduling manageable monthly deductions! Our giving years ends June 30. Count the number of months from now until then, and make giving your gift as simple as a few cups of coffee!

Class of 2012 $25       Class of 2007 $200
Class of 2011 $50       Class of 2006 $250
Class of 2010 $75       Class of 2005 $300
Class of 2009 $100     Class of 2004 $400
Class of 2008 $150     Class of 2003 $500

Membership in the GOLD Society requires full payment of your total gift amount prior to June 30 each year. Members of the most recent graduating class are granted honorary membership into the GOLD Society with gifts of any size in their first year as alumni. Click here to make your gift online.

A GOLD Society Celebration
Join other GOLD Society members at a special celebration at the home of President Carol Leary on Friday, May 16, 2014.

GOLD Society Honor Roll
as of 04/14/14
Janna Chapdelaine ’06
Jasmine Matta Naylor '06 G'09
Sarah Freedman Scheidel ’07
Ann Marie Ales ’08
Tianna Carr ’08 G’11
Wendy Cormier ’08
Jessica Desmond ’08
Jeanette Garcia ’08
Mariko Hunt ’08
Amanda Janik Lizotte '08 G'09
Elizabeth Fogarty Jones ’08
Amanda Janik Lizotte '08 G'09
Amanda Rodriguez '08
Nina Sabettini ’08
Ashley Holt Austin ’10
Emily Flanagan ’10
Lindsie Lavin '10
Samantha Hahn ’11
Megan Leahan ’11
Jennifer Loglisci ’11
Racquela Richard '11
Dani Turner ’11
Jessica Carbone ’12
Vanessa Chaplin '12
Sarah Beth Costa ’12 G’14
Meghan Golden '12
Brianna Inman '12
Christine Marnelakis ’12
Zulyema Molina ’12
Meghan Montanye ’12
Anh Kim Nguyen ’12
Melissa Tharau ’12
Paz Velasco ’12
Dajara Wright ’12
Stephanie Arroyo '13
Dalila Cardona ’13
Amanda Cullity ’13
Alicia Dahmer ’13
Katelyn Dupuis ’13
Melissa Lora ’13
Sham Manka ’13
Nicole Megazzini ’13
Jaime Mersincavage ’13
Shelby Regan ’13
Melissa Sippel '13 
Chelsea Stewart ’13
Alayna Westcom ’13
Arianna White ’13

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