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Bold Women's Scholarship

Bay Path's Bold Campaign

Bay Path's "Faces of Philanthropy" event featured many of our Bold donors, donning pink masks for the evening. Click on the video below for photos from our event!

"Dear Bay Path..."
Our students have something to say.
In this inspirational photographic campaign, students shared the stories, quotes, and phrases that speak to them. Gifts from Bay Path alumni and friends enable our students to find their voice. Here's what they have to say.

A scholarship that ignites a new path forward

Your Bold Women's Scholarship gift of $1,000 or greater will keep today's students on the path to achieving a college degree. You will provide immediate scholarship support to Bay Path's traditional students and One-Day women. Their lives will be forever changed thanks to your generosity.

Stories that connect. Stories that inspire.

We all hold claim to stories of boldness. Being first in our family to earn a college degree. Shattering the glass ceiling. Paving the way for others to lead.

Stories are fundamental to the Bold Women's Scholarship. Together, our stories give others hope. They are the links that form an unbreakable bond between hundreds of bold hearts. And they enable our students to learn about the bold individuals who support them.

Be Bold. Inspire our students with your gift today.

Click here to make your Bold Women’s Scholarship gift today. Once you do, click here to tell us what BOLD means to you, or share with us the story of a Bold woman in your life.

Bold Women's Scholarship:
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