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Alumni Association Council

Our Mission: To continuously build and strengthen the Bay Path University alumni community.

Our Goals
  • To foster meaningful engagement of alumni in order to enhance Bay Path’s lifelong learning environment and promote the development of its students and alumni.
  • To create and implement programs that build pride and loyalty among Bay Path alumni.
Our Role
  • Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the University.
  • Serve as the voice of Bay Path alumni in the strategic planning process
  • Advocate for and support Bay Path through annual participation in the Carpe Diem Fund.
  • Represent Bay Path at key alumni events throughout the year.
  • Enhance the public image, promote the accomplishments and advance the interests of Bay Path through communications and public relations.
Our Members

Lynn Pellerano ’11 G’13, President

Dawn Bryden ’05 G’07
Josie Camerota ’06
Sarah Chadwick G’01 G'16
Nicole DiCaprio ’05 
Elizabeth Fogarty Jones ’08
Ann Feiss ’87 ’09
Jessica Fraga ’05 G’09
Maria Furlow ’10 G’12
Thea Katsounakis ’70 
Lindsie Lavin ’10
Raquel Lee ’15
Norma Nunnally ’01
Stephanie O’Leary ’05 G'16 G'17
Gillian Palmer G’12
Lynn Brooks Polaski ’88 G’10
Evelyn Riffenburg G’13
Sarah Scheidel ’07
Sarah Tsitso G’09
Courtney Whalen ’00 G’09
Adam Zinkievich G’12