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Payment Options

10-Month Payment Plan:

Bay Path University offers students and parents an interest-free monthly payment plan option to assist you in financing your education. Through Tuition Management Systems (TMS), families have the option of a monthly payment plan to divide the out-of-pocket expenses into 10 easy payments over the academic year. A $65.00 enrollment fee covers the plan administration for the academic year. If you have any questions, please call the Student Financial Services Office for assistance. To sign up for the payment plan, call TMS at 1.888.216.4258 or apply online at

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS):

Parents (and stepparents) of dependent undergraduate students attending school at least half time are eligible to apply for a Federal PLUS loan. Borrowers must be U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizen. Loan approval is subject to the credit criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education. Submitting the FAFSA is required before a PLUS application may be processed. The interest rate for the PLUS loan is 6.84% for 2015-2016, and parents can borrow up to the student's cost of attendance less other financial assistance. Parents can apply for the PLUS loan at

Private Loans:

These loans are based on the credit worthiness of the borrower, income-to-date ration and may require a co-signer. The information in the borrower’s and co-signer’s credit report will determine the interest rates qualified for. There is usually a minimum loan amount depending on the lender's requirements. The terms and conditions vary depending on the lender’s requirements. Borrowers may be allowed to defer payment of principal and interest on the loan while the student is enrolled in school. Note that you may borrow a private loan through any program that you choose. Be sure to maximize your federal loan eligibility before applying for a more expensive private student loan. We urge students and parents who are borrowing to visit each lender’s website and find the lender that best suits their needs. The following list represents lenders from whom our students have borrowed during the previous academic year:

Massachusetts Education Financing Authority Loan:

This loan is made available by the Massachusetts Education Financing Authority (MEFA). Parents of full-time undergraduates may borrow up to the full cost of education minus any financial aid. Borrowers do not have to be Massachusetts residents. For further information or to apply visit or call 1.800.809.0571.