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Admissions & Financial Aid

for The American Women's College and The One Day A Week Saturday Program

Apply for Admission File Your FAFSA

Applying to College is Easier Than You Think

The process of applying to college can sometimes seem overwhelming. The forms, the transcripts, the 'FAFSA' — and lots of lists and checkboxes!

Don't worry. The whole process is easier than you think. And the dedicated staff on our Admissions and Financial Aid teams know the steps you need to take inside and out. They are ready and happy to help support you through the entire admissions process.

They will work with you to:

  • help you find the academic program that is the right fit for you
  • explain to you how to obtain transcripts and other materials
  • tell you what documents you'll need to apply for financial aid
  • clarify your financial aid award options and obligations

Yes, we hope  you will experience challenge at Bay Path University—but not during the Admissions and Aid process! We make your first steps with us easy ones so you can focus on the challenging classes you'll take, and the intellectual and personal growth you'll experience.

Contact us today with your Admissions and Financial Aid questions. We can't wait to help you move forward towards the completion of your degree from Bay Path University!

“I was 52-years-old when this whirlwind all started. I went to a Bay Path open house in Burlington, listened to the speakers and signed up on the spot. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.”   —Honor S., One Day A Week College, Class of 2010