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Bay Path College students during a class

Traditional Undergraduate Program

The traditional undergraduate writing program at Bay Path University imagines students as writers in academic and professional discourse communities who are engaged in twenty-first century literacy practices. The writing program creates opportunities within the curriculum for writers to be engaged with writing in all four years of the undergraduate experience through the first year writing initiative, designated “W” courses in the second and third years, discipline-specific writing in the third year, and the showcase of writing in the capstone senior year course. Through collaboration with peers and with guidance from faculty and writing associates, writers are challenged to work through writing as a process, involving multiple steps from the generation of ideas to the final editing stage. The writing program believes writing is a way to learn and to communicate what one has learned.

Graduate Program

The graduate writing program at Bay Path University offers graduate students the support and resources to develop their professional writing skills as presented and practiced within the curriculum of specific graduate programs. No specific courses are offered through the writing program for graduate students. Rather, the graduate writing program supports expert faculty in their disciplines who teach writing in all the courses of their programs. The writing program provides professional development opportunities for faculty on writing theory and pedagogy, and online and on-ground tutoring support for graduate students.

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