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SOUL: Social Online Universal Learning

SOUL places the adult woman learner at the center of the learning experience.

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What is SOUL?

SOUL is a data driven approach intended to make a student's college experience more personal and supportive.
By pairing analytics with personalized instruction and support services, we can pro-actively respond to a student's needs to increase her chance of educational success.

Leading the Nation in Education Innovation
In 2014, Bay Path was one of only 24 US institutions to receive a prestigious Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) grant from the US Dept. of Education. This grant has helped us develop SOUL.

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Key Features of SOUL Include:  

SOUL Connect (EXT097) – Through this on-boarding experience each student becomes oriented while also strategizing with an advisor on elements of preparedness. 

Accelerated Pace – SOUL facilitates immediate interventions and critical supports whenever a student begins to struggle with the help of learning analytics & predictive models. 

SOUL KP (KnowledgePath) – Students experience academic gains when instruction is customized to their learning needs and offered in a variety of modalities. 

Wrap-around Support – Each student partners with a dedicated Educator Coach who will champion her success. 

SOUL Communities – Students engage and network with a vibrant, virtual community of adult women learners who share their professional interests and their personal goals. 

SOUL Connect for Educators –In addition to their expertise, our faculty will be able to use analytics to inform their instruction. 

Student Story:

Students who have experienced SOUL rave about it:

“I feel most grateful for the deliberate focus on building a supportive community. I also appreciate the commitment to assuring us that reaching out to ask for help is important.”
- Tracy C., Leadership and Organizational Studies

“I like how my knowledge is tested so that I don’t have to learn information that I already know.”
- Chaya K., Business Analytics

“KnowledgePath gave me different avenues in which to learn the material.”
- Desiree S., Rehabilitation and Victim Advocacy