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Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Neuropsychology is a subfield of both Psychology and Neuroscience that is concerned with how the brain and the rest of the nervous system influence a person’s cognition and behaviors. More importantly, professionals often focus on how injuries or illnesses of the brain affect cognitive functions and behaviors. Through the required psychology internship, students will have the invaluable opportunity to work with clients who live with mental illness, substance abuse and/or brain injuries.

Students will learn key concepts as they relate to:

  • Neuroanatomy
  • Neural development
  • Electrophysiology
  • Intracellular signaling
  • Nervous system regulation of functions within an organism 

Majoring in Neuropsychology will prepare students to join the workforce with careers in mental health, rehabilitation, assisted-living, the pharmaceutical industry, and/or residential facilities. They are also prepared for advanced graduate study and a career in research or clinical work. Neuropsychology is also frequently referred to as “Behavioral Neuroscience.”

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience Option: 

In the Neuropsychology major within the Neuroscience program, students will learn key concepts in neuroscience as they relate to neuroanatomy, neural development, electrophysiology, intracellular signaling, and nervous system regulation of functions within an organism, etc. They will develop familiarity and proficiency in basic laboratory skills in neuroscience and be able to critically evaluate experimental data either via primary literature or through data generated from their own project. They will also develop a working knowledge of psychology’s content domains and be able to describe applications of psychology.

Students will gain hands-on research experience in at least one summer research program and learn how to communicate using oral or written media. They will be able to demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology. Students in the program will emerge with realistic ideas about how to implement psychological knowledge, skills, and values in an occupational pursuit.

NEU250: Research Methods in Neuroscience - Neurobiology and neuropsychology majors completed an assay called immunofluorescence. This assay generated brain tissue that could be imaged on our brand new confocal microscope. What you are looking at is an image of several neurons that express a protein used to make the brain chemical dopamine.

2017 graduate school acceptances: 

  • Neuroscience & Behavior Master's Program at UMASS Amherst
  • Basic Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. at University of South Dakota

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Option: 

In the Neuropsychology major within the Psychology program, students will learn key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology. They will develop a working knowledge of psychology’s content domains and be able to describe applications of psychology. Students will also learn key concepts in neuroscience as they relate to neuroanatomy, neural development, electrophysiology, intracellular signaling, nervous system regulation of functions within an organism and develop familiarity and proficiency in basic laboratory skills in neuroscience.

Students will use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena and demonstrate psychology information literacy. They will engage in innovative and integrative thinking and problem solving as well as interpret, design, and conduct basic research and incorporate sociocultural factors in scientific inquiry. In the program students will apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice. They will apply psychological content and skills to career goals and exhibit self-efficacy and self-regulation. Students will be able to participate in summer research opportunities, career shadowing, co-ops, and professional conferences.

Community Partners with the Psychology Program for 2017: 

  • Berkshire Hills Music Academy - BHMA uses music to help individuals with intellectual disabilities develop skills for communication, independence, and employment. They do this by: integrating music programming through a comprehensive curriculum that engages the entire brain, empowering students to advocate for themselves effectively through productive communication and interaction with peers, teaching pre-vocational and vocational skills within a community setting, with job-related support for successful employment, encouraging students to achieve increasing levels of independence through involvement in the local community.
  • Educational Resources for Children - Educational Resources for Children is an after-school support service for students from grades kindergarten through eighth. The organization works with kids, communities, schools and families, offering community collaborations to help kids learn, achieve academic goals, and contribute to their respective communities. Academic support and recreational activities are also offered.
  • Gandara - Gandara Center provides residential, mental health, substance abuse and preventive services to individuals in Springfield and the Pioneer Valley. They value cultural diversity and strive to provide culturally competent, innovative services to our community. They focus on the Latino/Hispanic community, but their services are available to people from all walks of life. Gandara’s Partnership with Bay Path is with their Adolescent and Family Services.
  • Girls Inc. of Holyoke - Girls Inc. of Holyoke's mission is to: inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. They provide girls ages 5-18 with engaging and educational youth development programs that are cutting edge, research driven and designed to meet the specific needs of girls. Girls are at the center of everything they do; their priority is listening to girls, responding to their needs and providing them with the opportunity to make positive change in both their community and in their own lives. Tailored in response to the many challenges facing youth in the Holyoke community, and with the Girls' Bill of Rights as the philosophical framework in which to design their programs, they offer programs and services that are unquestionably transformative for girls and young women
  • River Valley Counseling Center - River Valley Counseling Center provides a community-based behavioral health, support and healthcare service to individuals and families. Their culturally competent, skilled and compassionate staff is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the community through services delivered with respect and dignity.
  • Service Net Inc. - The mission of Service Net is to enhance the quality of life of adults, children and families, through the provision of effective and responsive clinical, residential, rehabilitative, recovery and support services. ServiceNet provides a wide range of human services for people in the Pioneer Valley. Service Net’s Partnership with Bay Path is with their division for Developmental Disabilities and Brain Trauma Services.
  • Springfield Jewish Community Center - The Springfield JCC is both a recreational and learning facility serving the Jewish and general communities of the Pioneer Valley. Everyone, including the general public, is welcome at the Springfield JCC. Programs range from early childhood, adolescent, adult, and elderly populations. It is conveniently located 5 minutes from the Bay Path campus. 
  • Veritas Prep Charter School - At Veritas Prep, the mission is rooted in meeting the needs of community. Veritas believes that a fifty-fifty graduation rate is not good enough for Springfield’s children, and is working to ensure that scholars are able to compete, achieve, and succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Veritas provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and character education within a structured learning environment. Veritas utilizes an extended school day, school year, and data-driven instruction to drive dramatic gains in scholar achievement.
  • YWCA of Western Massachusetts - The YWCA of Western Massachusetts is one of 300 local Associations in the United States. For over 145 years, the YWCA has served our region, guided by its founding principle: to provide shelter, support services, and tools for self-sufficiency for women and girls in our community. Today, the YWCA provides safe places for women and children in crisis. It offers women counseling, job training, child-care, and health and fitness. The YWCA also offers job training to people ages 16-21 who are out of school.

This partnership entails sponsoring a student from our Co-Op Program, paying her $1000 for 100 hours of work during the semester. The Partners also agree to supervise a Psychology intern during the year.