Applying for Study Abroad

Students wishing to study abroad should contact the Study Abroad Advisor for information and application packets. Completed applications, including approvals, must be submitted to the Study Abroad Advisor for final approval no later than the midterm of the full year preceding the proposed study abroad semester, although certain programs of study may require an earlier deadline. The Study Abroad Handbook and Application Packet including the required checklist is available for download from this site.

Prior to Acceptance: 

  • Make an appointment for a personal interview with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your Study Abroad objectives and the options available to you and scholarship sources. 
  • Maintain a QPA of 3.0 or above and good academic standing at the College 
  • Fill out the Application for Study Abroad and return it to the Study Abroad Advisor. This will include providing references and writing a brief essay. 
  • Include a copy of your current Bay Path academic Degree Audit with the Application for Study Abroad. The Degree Audit must contain no incomplete grades. 

Theses four steps must be completed by the deadline (usually just before Spring Break) during the semester prior to the academic year when you intend to study abroad. You will be notified of your acceptance to the program no later than the final week of classes during that semester.