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Bay Path student studying ouside

Bay Path University believes that acquiring greater international awareness and deeper understanding of other languages, cultures, and peoples by studying in a foreign country is key to preparing you to meet the personal and professional challenges of living and working in the global world. 

With our Study Abroad Program you can immerse yourself in another culture, and take classes in such far-away places as Ireland, France, or Australia. Working with the Bay Path Study Abroad coordinator, you will map out a plan that best fits your academic and personal goals and is offered at the appropriate time in your schedule.

Student Testimonials

Ruth Choate, Class of 2014Ruth, Interior Design major, Class of 2014

I spent Spring 2013 semester at Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF) in Florence, Italy. During that time I had the chance to experience many adventures and trips to other parts of Italy and Western Europe. I was one of about 20 American students studying at AEF. I was the only student from Bay Path; all the others in the program were from Elon University in North Carolina. 

Classes were Monday through Thursday with Italian every morning at 9. I had two Italian classes: grammar and conversation. I also took Art History Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, which enabled us to see so many different, beautiful pieces of art and history. For example, one day in class we got to go see Michelangelo's David! It was amazing! 

As a part of the Art History course, three trips were provided. One weekend we spent the day in Sienna, the next weekend went to Rome, and near the end of April we went to Venice. All our transportation and accommodations were included.

On top of the two Italian and the Art History classes, I had an internship with an Interior Designer who works with/for AEF. Monday and Wednesday I went to work at her design studio in another section of Florence to work on a variety of projects.

Those three months in Florence were some of the best of my entire life. 

I made friends I will remember for the rest of my life.

I made memories that I will hold with me forever.

I experienced more than many people can even dream to do.

I crossed things off my bucket list – things that weren't even on the list to begin with. Things I hadn't even dreamed I would experience.

I highly recommend studying abroad if you get the chance!

Melina, class of 2014Melina, Forensic Science Major, Class of 2014

Aloha! This year, I was fortunate enough to spend my Spring 2013 semester on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. I studied at a Roman Catholic school named Chaminade University of Honolulu. It was definitely the best four months of my life! I was able to learn a new culture, meet different people, and enjoy the adventures that Oahu had in store for me. 

From the minute I got off the plane in Honolulu, its people gave me a very warm welcome; always smiling and sharing their “aloha” with me. The university was co-ed and everyone treated each other as family. Family-based values are very important to Hawaiians. Hawaiians treat everyone with kindness and love. 

I took a few courses; however, my favorite two had to be my Forensic Entomology class with the very famous, Dr. M. Lee Goff, and Physical Forensic Science class with Professor Hillary Moses. Entomology was based on how to figure out an estimated post-mortem interval of a carcass using the different insects that stay behind on the body. We were able to conduct a study on the decomposition of a pig carcass. We had a real pig and left it out on a hill for 25 days and studied it each day and collected and reared all types of insects. Studying the five different stages of decomposition (fresh, bloated, decay, post-decay, and skeletal) was definitely an experience I will never forget. Physical Forensic Science had to do with learning all aspects and branches in forensic and what they consist of. It was a great class with hands-on labs, and doing things that real scientists do while on a case. 

The friends I met in Hawaii are people I will always keep close to my heart. They showed me the Hawaiian way of life and their language. They brought me to the most beautiful secret spots where one can see the stars best at night or the combination of valley, city, and ocean. Even though I was still in the U.S, it felt like a different world. It is so different going to a beautiful place for vacation, but living there for four months, I got to learn a lot more and grow a deeper appreciation of the island. 

Please, if you ever get the chance to study abroad, anywhere, DO IT!!  - Mahalo!