Small Business Development

A Major for the New America

Bay Path students work on a laptop during a class on the Longmeadow Campus

There’s no better time in America to be a women in business. Today, more women are in management positions or starting new companies than ever before. Women in business have truly arrived.

The Small Business Development major takes advantage of the emerging possibilities in business by teaching students how to plan, organize and manage a small business or be a successful entrepreneur. Students focus on the practical skills, ethical issues, and management theory necessary to succeed in the economy for a New America: diverse, global, and always changing.

What Do Small Business Majors Do?

Majors learn how to evaluate the feasibility of new business ideas and ventures, undertake risk analysis and develop a business plan. They then learn how to take those ideas and ventures from the drawing board to the real world.

Small Business Development majors also learn where power comes from and how to exercise it effectively. They learn the traits, styles and behaviors of effective and charismatic leaders. The curriculum delves into different types of leadership, such as team, transformational, and strategic. It looks at activities that enhance the development of leadership.

Most important, students learn from those that DO. With hands-on case studies focusing on local entrepreneurs and small businesses, students are required to solve a real-time business problem that is not only a living laboratory, but a valuable resume builder.

Is This Major Right for You?

To major in Small Business Development you must be want to:

  • Seek a career in business
  • Like to be in charge
  • Enjoy making decisions
  • Have lots of new ideas
  • Be a risk taker and be fearless!

Small Business Development:
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