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Neuroscience offers a good example of using information from a variety of traditional disciplines (e.g., psychology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, anatomy) to answer complex questions about the brain and behavior. Neuroscience education gives you a context within which you may study the many traditional disciplines associated with the field.

Major in Neuroscience

The major in neuroscience consits of nine (9) courses in the sciences and mathematics and one course in ethics. Additionally, six (6) required specialized neuroscience courses and five (5) elective courses are required. The required courses will provide you with the foundation in essential neuroscience principles and theory as well as to develop skills associated with primary literature evaluation, experimental design, data collection, research, oral presentation and scientific writing. The elective courses will allow you to increase the breadth of your knowledge in specific areas of neuroscience and on topics that are of interest to you.

In total, if you are majoring in neuroscience you will be required to take sixty (60) credits of required and elective courses in addition to the forty-three (43) credits of general education core courses. As part of the curriculum, you will be required to participate in at least one summer research program (Neuroscience Internship; NEU 498) to provide you with research experience.

Minor in Neuroscience

The curriculum for the minor is designed for students from other majors whose career plans might be enhanced by an understanding of neuroscience. The minor in neuroscience will consist of six (6) courses (totaling 20 credits) which include the two semester introductory neuroscience course sequence, research methods in neuroscience, and three neuroscience electives. Following completion of these courses, students in the minor will have obtained basic knowledge in the neurosciences to apply in careers that might utilize neuroscience concepts.

Women in STEM Honors Program Women in STEM Honor program at Bay Path University

Learn about our special WiSH Program which offers a four-year curriculum consisting of integrated and advanced study and research for dedicated future women scientists.