Medical Science

With concentrations in pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physician assistant, pre-veterinary science

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The BS in medical science program combines courses from various departments to prepare you to pursue graduate and/or professional study in human and animal healthcare. Blending introductory and upper level science courses, the medical science major also takes a “whole body” approach challenging you to connect your scientific knowledge and how it impacts the bigger picture. What does this mean? Ethics, spiritual health, wellness, and the skills to create a culture of compassion are just as important as the natural science concepts that are your foundation in this program. You will learn that science—one of the most powerful tools to change the human condition—depends on the skill to communicate and the ability to care. We incorporate those values in our program.

The Program Details

During the first two years of study, you take core courses in areas such as biology and chemistry that are universal prerequisites for the medical, dentistry, physician assistant, and veterinary fields. In your last two years, depending on your concentration or field of interest, you take courses in health-related instruction in areas such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, and psychology. In the final year of the program, you have the unique opportunity to choose between a faculty-mentored research project or a professional internship that may be applied to required graduate school “experiential hours.” This provides you with a powerful combination for application to graduate school or professional programs.

Added Value

If you want to give yourself an edge that sets you apart, consider combining medical science with a minor in communications, business, or law. It can help boost your career in fields such as scientific writing, pharmaceutical marketing, or legal research.

What can you do with a degree in medical sciences?

You can choose to apply to graduate or professional schools, or enter the workforce immediately. 

  • The medical science degree prepares you to apply to medical, dental, veterinary science, optometry, physician assistant, and other health-related graduate programs.
  • You can find immediate employment as a public health official, patient educator and advocate, worksite wellness coordinator, community organizer, health communication and media specialist, health insurance specialist, and environmental health specialist.

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