Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Bay Path students study in our student learning commons

Companies and organizations actively recruit Liberal Studies graduates. Why? Liberal Studies majors have a broad and versatile academic background that allows for exceptional thinking, writing and presentation skills. They are able to synthesize information from a variety of areas drawing from their wealth of knowledge and apply it to critical thinking and problem solving. Majors in Liberal Studies are the modern Renaissance students--curious, knowledgeable, analytical, and flexible.

The versatility of Liberal Studies also prepares you for graduate programs in areas as diverse as art, biology, business, English, history, psychology, and many more.

The goal of the Liberal Studies Department is to prepare critical thinkers, articulate communicators, and effective problem-solvers, ready to enter a variety of career paths or proceed to graduate level study upon completion of their undergraduate studies. 

Students are educated to:

  • Perform high-level literacy skills readily and consistently (reading, writing, presenting and listening).
  • Utilize information technologies to formulate questions and conduct research.
  • Critically analyze complex problems and offer effective solutions.
  • Adapt readily to new learning and problem-solving situations.
  • Conduct themselves ethically.
  • Integrate learning across courses, over time, and between campus and community life.
  • Seek ongoing opportunities for professional growth and life-long learning.

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