Residential and Commercial Interior Design

Color. Design. Layout.

As a residential and commercial interior design major, you gain the skills, understanding, knowledge and competency vital to the designing, planning, marketing, and selling of interior space concepts for home or office environments. You will explore the role of residential and commercial design professionals by discovering the array of products available in the design marketplace, visiting design showrooms, and meeting with product line sales professionals and vendors. You may also have the opportunity to be involved with the retail, wholesale, or specialty aspects of the residential and commercial design industry.

Color. Design. Layout.

You will learn how to create and transform new and restored home and office interiors by researching historical and contemporary trends; recommending product choices; measuring and estimating for budget requirements; and by participating in area show houses and design events. 

Business, Live It!

In this fast-paced, globally competitive 21st Century, the business program at Bay Path prepares you for the realities of the corporate or non-profit world. What does this mean for you? More and more employers want candidates with specific skills that result from exposure to both a strong liberal arts and business education. 

At Bay Path you will learn to:

  • think critically
  • make decisions and act ethically
  • solve problems innovatively
  • communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • work in teams & project management settings 
  • take a leadership role

Don’t just study business in a book – Live It! At Bay Path you will interact with real-world business leaders from day one. As an incoming business major in our new business foundation course, you’ll have the chance to learn about business first hand at a local company that will serve as your class’s own “learning lab.” You will also travel to the western Mass headquarters of an international corporation to meet global business leaders, attend a professional collegiate business conference, and engage in industry research—all in your first year as a business student!

Through Bay Path’s innovative and hands-on courses you can meet women leaders in entrepreneurial, corporate and nonprofit settings, create original solutions to real-world business problems, travel on exciting field trips, and engage in career-related internships. Bay Path’s business program will help you to develop critical, innovative, and reflective thinking skills needed for statistical data analysis, and management science skills necessary to support personal and professional decision-making processes. Whether your career will take you to entrepreneurial, industrial, or corporate settings, to profit or not-for-profit organizations, or to graduate school, Bay Path can help you to prepare for life-long learning.

Residential and Commercial Interior Design:
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