Career Options

Bay Path College student in a lab

Our forensic science major prepares you for a variety of career options, including graduate school, and medical or dental school. Forensic scientists work in crime laboratories, forensic laboratories, police departments, medical examiner/coroner offices, hospitals, government agencies, and private laboratories. 

What is the nature of work forensic scientists do? Increasingly, the type of work forensic scientists are involved with is expanding—crime scene technicians, forensic molecular biologists, toxicologists, and crime scene analysts, are just a few of your options. 

Graduates of our program compete favorably for technical positions in any State or private forensics laboratory. Some of our graduates have gone to the Mass. State Police Crime lab, Severn Trent Laboratories, Arcadia University, Master of Science in Forensic Science and local police departments. 

Forensic Science:
Women in STEM Honors Program Women in STEM Honor program at Bay Path University

Learn about our special WiSH Program which offers a four-year curriculum consisting of integrated and advanced study and research for dedicated future women scientists.