Forensic Science

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Dr. Garcia Sega works with Bay Path students in our forensic science lab

The forensic science program at Bay Path is interdisciplinary, and built on the foundation of our well established programs in biology, chemistry, criminal justice, psychology and legal studies. Lectures and labs are taught in small classroom settings that engage your scientific curiosity, and promote a mentorship relationship between faculty and students that is so crucial in the development of a qualified and ethical forensic scientist. 

Our state-of-the-art and completely renovated forensic science laboratories feature the latest in technology, including a Genetic Analysis System for DNA gene sequencing, DNA analysis is of growing importance in the forensic science filed, and plays a key role in evidence in trials.

The Difference

Extensive web-based tutorials created by faculty are available to assist students in mastering concepts, including digitized laboratory dissections, trace evidence, and osteological specimens used in laboratory sessions. In addition, you are required to do a forensic science internship that provides invaluable experience in your field of study and enhances your career possibilities in forensic science.

Included in the forensic science program is a mock crime scene - a real-world exercise that is staged to test your knowledge and skills identifying, collecting, and documenting evidence, as well as interviewing witnesses. You will present your findings to a group of forensic and criminal justice professionals.

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Forensic Science:
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