Career Options

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Possible Career Options

Air Marshall
Animal Cruelty Investigator
Arson & Fire Investigator
ATF Agent
Border Patrol Office
Campus Security Officer
Child Abuse Investigator
CIA Agent
Community Corrections Officer
Computer Forensic Investigator
Corporate Security
Correctional Officer
Counter Terrorism Careers
Criminal Investigator
Crime Analyst
Crime Prevention Specialist
Crime Scene Investigator
Customs Agent
Cyber Crime Specialist
Human Rights Violation Investigator
Human Trafficking Investigator
ICE Agent
Immigration Enforcement Agent
Emergency Management Specialist
FBI Agent
Federal Correctional Officer
Federal Parole Officer
Fish and Game Warden
Fraud Investigator
Forest Ranger
Information Security
International Criminal Court Investigator
IRS Investigator
Juvenile Probation Officer
Juvenile Correctional Officer
Loss Prevention Specialist
Park Ranger
Police Officer
Private Investigator
Private Security Officer
Probation Officer
Secret Service Agent
Social Service Investigator
Special Victims Investigator
State Department Victim Witness Advocate
State Parole Officer
State Police Officer
Surveillance Officer
Transportation Security Administrator
U.S. Marshal Service
U.S. National Institute of Justice Researcher
United Nations Office on Drug and Crime Investigation
United Nations Department of Peace Keeping Operations Officer
United States Park Police
Victim Witness Advocate

Criminal Justice:
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