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Students must maintain a grade of C or better in the following courses to progress to the sophomore year within the Biotechnology Program: BIO 110, BIO 112, CHE 120, and CHE 121. Additional requirements for continuing within the program beyond the sophomore year are indicated within the individual course descriptions.


  • ENG114 Critical Reading and Response 
  • ENG122 Literary Genres 
  • ENG124 Research and Writing in the Disciplines 
  • WEL100 Women Empowered Learners Leaders 
  • WEL300 Work Life Summit 
  • WEL400 WELL in Practice 
  • BIO110 Biology for Science Majors 
  • BIO425 Applied Biotechnology 
  • BIO 470 Biotechnology Techniques 
  • MAT___ Biostatistics 
  • Arts Elective
  • Society/Citizenship Electives 
  • Global/Cultural Electives 
  • Physical Fitness
  • Financial Literacy


  • MAT130 Pre-Calculus 
  • MAT221 Calculus I
  • MAT222 Calculus II
  • BIO112 Biology II for Science Majors with lab
  • CHE120 Chemistry I with Lab
  • CHE121 Chemistry II with Lab
  • BIO260 Microbiology with Lab
  • BIO320 Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab
  • CHE220 Organic Chemistry I with Lab
  • CHE221 Organic Chemistry II with Lab
  • BIO210 Genetics with Lab
  • BIO300 Biochemistry with Lab
  • CHE300 Analytical Chemistry with Lab
  • PHS101 College Physics I with Lab
  • PHS102 College Physics II with Lab
  • BIO430 Immunology
  • BIT498 Research Project in Biotechnology or
  • BIT499 Internship in Biotechnology



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