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The 21st century may be remembered as the “Age of Biotechnology.” One of the world’s newest fields of science, biotechnology explores and investigates the building blocks of life: chromosomes and genes. 

As a biotechnology major, you will learn how biotechnology alters or manipulates organisms at the molecular level thus having profound positive effects on areas such as agriculture/food production, medicine, and even environmental pollution. Through classroom discussion and specific research projects, you also gain an appreciation and respect for the legal, ethical and moral boundaries of genetic research. 

To prepare you for careers in the biotechnology field, the College has designed a program with a rigorous scientific foundation in disciplines such as cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, forensic science, and microbiology. Partnerships and internships with industrial biotechnical and biomedical facilities, such as the Summer Institute at Harvard-MIT Sciences and Technology, allow for valuable practical experiences that enhance your resume and career and graduate school potential.

The Difference

In addition, you will have extensive exposure to state-of-the-art laboratory techniques and instrumentation used in the biotechnical industry and research facilities. Affiliations with industrial biotechnical and biomedical facilities and narrowly focused individual research projects under the direction of a faculty mentor offer you ample opportunities to gain valuable practical experience.

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